I am proud to be associated with Maharaja Agrasen College in its Silver Jubilee year. The college logo correctly pronounces the gist of the underlying spirit of its existence ‘Deeds maketh a man’.

The college has been actively involved in pursuit of excellence not only in higher education but in all spheres including sports and co-curricular activities. It is one of best colleges of University of Delhi in terms of quality of academics, co-curricular activities as well as its highly qualified faculty, meritorious students and competent staff. The alumni is also well placed. In a way, the college has set up high standards being NAAC ‘A’ graded and bars are being further raised keeping in view the environment and need of industry. A number of courses are being run in arts, commerce and science together with diploma courses and short term courses for skill enhancement under the auspices of Abdul Kalam Centre at the college. These courses provide linkage with Industry. It is planned to ensure that there are more collaborative linkages between the college and industry. More applied courses as well as masters courses are being planned for this purpose. The key mission is to provide holistic and transformative education to students and at the same time developing faculty to meet current challenges in higher education particularly technology and pedagogical ones.

One of the goals in the Silver Jubilee year is going to be reaching out to industry and society at large, in a bigger way. The alumni is going to be playing instrumental role in this. It is time also for the currently enrolled students to rediscover themselves and harness their potential to the best taking help from college faculty and coaches. The college management would like to see that its graduates are being developed as a socially responsible and environment sensitive young men and women who add value to society and contribute to nation building.

I wish the rest of college management, academic and administrative staff as well as students all the best in their endeavours so as to bear fruits of success. Let us all look forward to an exciting year of silver jubilee celebrations at the college. Suggestions towards achieving excellence in any area are most welcome.