One of the major drawbacks of a neo-liberal economic system is that it gradually perverts the indigenous customs and traditions by importing Western tastes and mannerisms in all aspects of human life and the various existing art forms. Therefore, it becomes imperative to safeguard certain values which are integral to the identity of an ages old civilization. The Cultural Council at Maharaja Agrasen College, under the aegis of the Cultural Committee, works towards promoting indigenous cultural art forms in times of globalization by regularly organizing music, dance and other art-related functions.

The academic year 2013-14 brought in a completely different set of challenges for the Cultural Committee. In the month of August, the Committee held interviews and extensive trials to shortlists students for the different cultural societies of the college, namely, Abhinay, Natraj, Septune, Chakraview and Srijan. This year was also a witness to the establishment of three new societies: Samayantar (The Theatre Society), Inquizitive (The Quizzing Cub) and MAC Jockeys (Society of MAC Anchors).

Independence Day Celebration

The first function organized by the Cultural Council in the academic year 2013-2014 was held on 15th August, 2013 to commemorate India's Independence Day. The function began with the singing of the National Anthem followed by the thought provoking speeches of the Chairman of Governing Body, Mr Mukesh Bansal and Principal Dr Sunil Sondhi. Dance Society Natraj and Music Society Septune also put up memorable performances on the occasion highlighting the plurality and uniqueness of India.

Fresher's Fiesta

To celebrate the entry of newcomers in college, the Cultural Council organized a week-long Fresher's Fiesta in which over 100 first year students participated in a range of competitions like ad-mad, dance, music, photography, spell bee and quiz to win the prestigious title of the ?Most Promising Fresher at MAC?. The Fresher's Fiesta culminated on 31st August, 2013 with the holding of the Fresher's Day.


One of the most significant events organized by the Cultural Council this year was SPIC MACAY Flute Recital by Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia on 5th September, 2013 as part of Viraasat 2013 Series. The melodious recital of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and his accompanists Shri Vivek Sonar, Pandit Shubhankar Banerjee and Miss Katrina was an absolute treat for the student as well as the teaching community at MAC. With the successful organization of the flute recital, Maharaja Agrasen College became the first institution in the University of Delhi to host Viraasat 2013.

Shortly after the memorable performance of the legendary Bansuri Guru, a week-long cultural programme under the banner of SPIC MACAY Viraasat 2013 Series was organized in the college from 16th September to 21st September, 2013. During the week long Viraasat Series, several notable performances were held which included Kathak Recital by Pt. Rajendra Gangani, Manipuri Dance by R Singhajit Singh, Charu Sija Mathur & Troupe and Vocal Recital by Sunanda Sharma. Cinema classics like Wild Strawberries and Nastanirh were also screened during Viraasat 2013. A select group of college students and teachers were also imparted training in Hindustani Classical Vocal Singing by Ustad Sabri Khan and Kamaal Khan. Viraasat 2013 came to an end with a Heritage Walk to ?Ghalib Ki Haveli? with Historian Aradhna Sinha.

The Cultural Council and Cultural Societies played a very instrumental role in preparing the college for Antardhvani 2014, the Annual Cultural Festival of the University of Delhi. During the 3-day festival held in February, the various societies of the college took part in competitions like Debate, Quiz, Dance and Music. While Akshita Saxena of Music Society Septune won the 1st Prize in the Solo Singing Competition, Ankit Jha and Aditya Prakash of Quizzing Club Inquizitive won the 1st Prize in the Quiz Competition.


Yuvaan, the two day annual cultural festival of the college, was organized by the Cultural Council on 28th February and 1st March, 2014. The event was inaugurated by Principal Dr Sunil Sondhi and Sarangi Maestro Ustad Kamaal Sabri Khan. During the two day event, students from across Delhi NCR participated in competitions like Solo Singing, Group Singing, Instrumental Music, Folk Dance, Group Dance, Choreography, Stage Theatre, Battle of Bands, Debate, Quiz, Kavi Sammelan, Rangoli, Poster & Collage Making and Rachnatmak Lekhan. The two star attractions at the festival were Manipuri Folk Dance Recital by ?Panthoibi Jagoi Marup? and SPIC MACAY Norwegian Instrumental Recital by Karl Seglam Acoustic Quartet.


Aaina, the street play festival of Abhinay, the Dramatics Society was also held during on 7th March, 2013. The resounding success which the Cultural Council and the Cultural Societies have achieved this year by means of successful organization of events as also by winning coveted trophies in inter-college competitions have made us all the more resolute in pursuing our goals even more firmly in the coming academic year.

Cultural Committee - Dr Deepa Sharma (Convener), Ms. Deepali Khanna, Dr Abha Mittal, Ms. Sushmita Rajwar, Ms. Aarti Nagar, Ms. Shruti Goel, Mr Vinod Verma, Mr SK Rinten, Mr Ram Kishore Yadav, Mr Narendra Kumar, Mr Gyanendra Kumar, Mr Ritesh Verma, Dr. Chhavi Bhatnagar & Mr Devki Nandan.

Cultural Council - Saif Ahmad Khan, Saumyata Joshi, Irtiqua Ali, Samiksha Khanduri, Aman Agrawal, Parinita Gupta, Arushi Bhatia, Priya Thomas, Apoorva Mathur, Viranchi Singh, Abhishek Tewari, Ankita Sharan, Nirbhay Batra, Kanishka Gupta, Vasundhara Dhawan, Vaishnavi Sinha, Vishal R Singh, Bhavya Raj Pandey & Kritika.