The wide array of activities held under the rubric of Extra Curricular Activity Committee (ECA) of Maharaja Agrasen College offered creative stimulation which fostered the holistic development of a student’s intellectual, cognitive, social, and artistic skills. Dr Deepa Sharma, Convener with her dedicated team of faculty members organized several events under its aegis:-

The first event was the celebration of the 70th Independence Day on 15 August, 2017. A quiz was conducted on India’s Constitution and history by Inquisitive – The Quiz Society and the Kite Flying Competition held to celebrate freedom of thought and expression in both public and private spaces.

The SPIC – MACAY (The Society for Promotion of Indian Culture and Music among Children and Youth) chapter of our college was revived to educate and engage the students on Indian heritage and culture. This academic year witnessed three soulful renditions by noted musicians and singers as a part of the SPICMACAY Virasat Series 2017-18. On 16 August, 2017, Shehnai Vaadan by Pandit Daya Shankar, a Sangeet Natak Academy (U.P) winner whose performance of “bhava” aspect of music had the audience completely enthralled. The second one on 17August 2017, saw the act of celebrated flautist Pandit Ronu Majumdar, who enabled the audience to have a richer appreciation of this traditional art form. Music-in-Prayer was experienced on 31 January 2018 with the recital of Gurbani by Bhai Manohar Singh. His recital of Gurbani and the ‘Kada Prasad’ distributed to all at the end embodied the interplay of faith, divine truth and music.

“Prarambh 2017” on September 1, started the academic session with a bang to welcome the first years to the college. The riveting performances by Abhinay- the Street Play, Septune- the Music Society, Meraki- the English Theatre Society, Samayantar- the Stage Play Society and Natraj- the Dance Society, left the spectators mesmerized. “Prarambh 2017” was a stimulating and creative start to many wonderful events that lay ahead for the students.

The introduction of Meraki- the English Theatre Society in August 2017 added a new flavor to the existing vibrant theatre society of the College. Meraki’s two plays; one, entitled ‘Waiting on Trains’, showcased at “Prarambh 2017” and the other titled “Halfway House” was performed at Yuvaan 2018. The innovative theatre techniques of Meraki are an expansion of the existing dramaturgical tradition of the College. Qissa- the Film Making Society debuted this academic session with its first Film Festival “Roll In” during Yuvaan 2018.

Maharaja Quiz, the first edition of the National level quiz organized by Inquisitive –The Quiz Society on 13 October 2017, saw participation from across twenty-five colleges in Delhi and elsewhere. It provided the students with an opportunity to be aware of the intricacies of quiz format while making them prepared for future cognitive battles.

Under the Ek Bharat Shrestha- Bharat Program, an initiative of the Directorate of Higher Education, India, Maharaja Agrasen College chose to promote national integration through the mutual appreciation of the cultures of different regions of our country. This year the focus being Sikkim, Inquisitive – The Quiz Society organized an intra-college Quiz competition on Sikkim on 29January 2018, a North East Folk Dance was performed on 21 February 2018 and a Blog Writing competition held in the first week of April. The enterprise seeks to acquaint the MAC community of the vibrant and rich culture of Sikkim. The North-East Society has been participating in every Annual Cultural Festival of Maharaja Agrasen College since its inception in the academic session of 2015-16. This year the society through the “Mao-Naga War Dance of Manipur”, popularly known as Kadedo, enacted the play of memory, history, trauma, and shared beliefs performed by the different tribes of North East students of the College.