Garbage Disposal

Initiatives in College

We at Maharaja Agrasen College ensure that the different categories (Wet, Dry, PET Bottles) of waste generated by the college is segregated. We have a waste segregation unit in the canteen. The college generates 33 kgs of waste per day. The composition of the waste that we generate is depicted in the pie chart below.

The carbon footprint due to waste generated annually was 14,697kgs CO2. But now, we send the organic waste to the vermicomposting pit within the college, the PET bottles are used in our PET garden that we have on the terrace. In this manner, only 30% of the waste goes to the landfill. In other words, we have reduced the waste that goes to the landfill by 70%.

Working :

The dustbin has two sensors placed at different levels. When trash reaches a particular level say level 1, censor 1 sends a signal to the control unit. Similarly the dustbin informs the control unit when level 2 is reached that it is time to empty the bin. A similar signal is sent when the dustbin is emptied. The computer attached to the control unit maintains a log of the time and date when each dustbin is emptied.