The National Service Scheme (NSS) at Maharaja Agrasen College is one of the most active components of the college. It aims to inculcate a feeling of empathy, promote activism and develop the quality of leadership among students. All the students involved in the NSS activities in the past year, have been exposed to a plethora of opportunities to showcase their leadership and management skills.

Leadership Development Program

One of the major programmes which was organised under the banner of the National Service Scheme was the "Leadership Development Program" which received a massive response from students and consistent support from the college staff. The college pioneered this innovative programme to help the students sharpen their leadership skills by trying complete tasks and duties allotted to them from time to time. In the academic year 2013-2014, 120 students joined in the Leadership Development Program to engage themselves in community service and social development. Eight teams functioning under the banner of the Leadership Development Program, that is, Akshara, Apex, Eco-Shastra Achievers, Pargas, Rivericks, Trailblazers, The Invincibles and The Saviours were allotted different localities in Delhi, which they were supposed to uplift. These localities included Dallupura, Nizamuddin, Geeta Colony, Khichripur, Trilokpuri, Gazipur and Kondli. Under this programme, every team was supposed to devote 120 hours of work to the college and community. These 120 hours were also inclusive of another task which these teams had to perform according to their area of interest. The intention was to channelize the energies of these young students towards the development of the community, betterment of the college and for their selfenhancement. All the teams performed brilliantly and showed complete dedication to the cause.

Akshara, the all-girls team comprising of the college hostellers, began with the aim of working for the welfare of women and children. Akshara took the initiative of identifying and helping needful children in the local area. The issues of women security also became one of the major concerns of the team. An interactive session of the students with the local S.H.O., Mr. Vijay Shotriya, was also organised by this team. Mr. Shotriya enlightened the students about the laws and provisions that the Indian Constitution and the Indian Penal Code contain for the safeguard of the women of the country. The team organised cleanliness and sanitation drives and worked towards the maintenance of the flowerbed outside the hostel.

Team Apex initiated an exercise to educate the people of Gazipur Village about family planning. They conducted a survey of 30 families located in the area in order to collect data on issues related to family planning. Apex organized a Health Awareness Camp in Gazipur village wherein local doctors briefed the locals about the advantages of family planning and use of contraceptives. The team also initiated a project named as Sparrow to spread greenery in the college campus.

Eco-Shastra conducted a survey with twenty families of Trilokpuri on Women's Education. The survey brought to light the unhappy fact that ninety per cent families had stopped sending their girls to school after Class 10 and those families that continued to educate their girls after class 10 did not allow them to study further after Class 12. The survey also showed how imminently the problem of eve-teasing persists in that locality. The team started taking English language classes, science classes and mathematics classes for students of class 10 in a local school. Eco-Shastra is also helping the college library in improving its basic amenities.

Team Pargas holds the aim of eradicating poverty and bringing an end to the misery of families in Dallupura. Pargas got many children admitted in primary school. Children above the age of 10 were put in remedial classes. The team even worked on the issue of gender sensitisation and women empowerment and took the initiative of raising awareness about issues like domestic violence through ?Samwaad?, a discussion series, planned and initiated by team Pargas.

Trailblazers, one of the first and the biggest team in the Leadership Development Program, is a 25 member team. One of their major objectives was to lay the foundations of an egalitarian society via gender sensitization. The team organised a series of group discussions and interactions on this pivotal issue. Since sanitation is a major problem in Nizammudin, Trailblazers worked together to open a public washroom in the area. The team collaborated with the Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) to identify people with no homes in Nizamuddin to set up shelter homes for these people. All this was done under their 'Project Ashiana'. Trailblazers had also arranged for counselling and medical check-ups of the financially deprived in Nizamuddin along with a winter clothes collection drive in college and donated all the clothes to SPYM. The issue of acid attacks was also brought forward by this team with a major group discussion followed by the visit of Ms. Laxmi, an acid attack survivor, to the college. The team also actively supported her campaign, "Stop Acid Attacks". Trailblazers joined hands with The Times of India and British Council in their initiative 'Teach India' to help spread knowledge and education. Two of the team members were trained under this program and are now teaching students of the college under the team initiative, 'Project Shabd'.

The Invincibles were given G.D Colony, B-Block, Mayur Vihar Phase-III. Their task was to teach the downtrodden and poor children of the area and to admit them to schools. The members taught the children English and Hindi alphabets and numerals since majority of them had never attended school. Apart from this, the children were also imparted lessons on good habits like daily bathing, regular clippings of nails, wearing clean clothes etc. The Invincibles is working on preparing a student information system in Maharaja Agrasen College. They have worked for the cleanliness and sanitation of the college.

Team Saviours, through the Equal Opportunity Cell took the initiative of tutoring the students from the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) of society. Saviours understood that the students from this section have tremendous interest in attaining education, but they lack basic know-how. The team aims to teach these students according to the curriculum and inculcate in them concrete knowledge of the fundamentals of various disciplines. Team Saviours also focuses on the holistic development of these students by providing them with some of the basic amenities. They have also worked to maintain the garden area of the college.

The Leadership Development Program at Maharaja Agrasen College under the National Service Scheme has succeeded in attaining the benchmark which it had set for itself. The challenge remains in taking this initiative forward and involving more people in community service for mutual benefit, experiential learning and collective growth.


Tasavvur, the Art & Photography Club of Maharaja Agrasen College, organized an Art & Photography Competition on Thursday, 23rd January 2014. The competition titled ?Open Day? was divided into two broad categories ? art and photography. A photography workshop was also organized under the mentorship of Mr VP Singh who has been associated with photography since 1977. The event turned out to be a resounding success as it clocked over 200 participants from 44 colleges belonging to 10 different universities in 4 cities. Tasavvur which literally means "imagination", functions under the banner of MAC-NSS and has so far hosted three exhibitions. Open Day happened to be the first national level art and photography competition organized by Tasavvur and coincided with the completion of 10 months of Tasavvur's existence.


Agrani is an association of students who have the courage to ?teach, explain, admonish, coax, convince, argue and break tradition?. Agrani is the society against gender discrimination which was set up with the motive of combating misogyny and laying the foundations of a world which is free from gender bias and gender based discrimination. It aims to promote gender sensitivity and equality and operates under the flagship of the National Service Scheme Chapter at Maharaja Agrasen College. Agrani began a year ago and is moving at a fast pace. Agrani has held a number of group discussions and interactions with the college students on issues pertaining to women empowerment, acid attacks, rape etc. Agrani assisted Trailblazers in organising a lecture by Ms. Laxmi, an acid attack survivor, in our college. The society also organized, a Self Defense Training Program for girls in collaboration with the Delhi Police. Recently, Agrani with the assistance of Team Trailblazers, which operates under the umbrella of the Leadership Development Program, organized an intra college writing competition- 'The Write Idea' which covered women-centric issues. The idea behind this competition was to provide a platform for budding writers and also know the views of students on such issues. Agrani makes it a point to use the powerful tool of social media and even conducted an online discussion on the subject of regulating the sale of acids.

In December 2013, a team of 35 impassioned students under the able-guidance of 13 equally enthusiastic teachers left for Baroji village in Haryana to be part of the Agrasen Baroji Help Initiative. This gave the students and teachers an opportunity to interact with the people of the village and enjoy the freshness of their land. The Agrasen Baroji Help Initiative presented to them, an entire myriad of the hues of life. It not only fulfilled its motive to help the natives but gave an insight into the true notion of humanity. This trip has indeed been an amazing experience for all those who were a part of it.

Equal Opportunity Cell

The Equal Opportunity Cell at Maharaja Agrasen College is driven with the aim to provide fair and equal opportunities to the students with physical limitations. Established in January 2013, the Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) has been tirelessly working towards fulfilling the special needs of the students, making them realise that impairments and disabilities are not necessarily debilitating. On January 25, 2014, Mr Prashant Ranjan Verma, Joint Secretary at the National Association for the Blind, Delhi was invited to hold an interactive workshop with the students. Mr Prashant Verma was successful in sensitising the general public towards people with certain physical disadvantages, through various simulation exercises. EOCMAC also held a theatre workshop in February 2014 under the guidance of Fahad Khan of Antaral Theatre Group. The participating students presented a skit at Yuvaan 2014. Five students from the college participated in Spardha, the Delhi University sports meet for students. Rahul (B.Sc. APS, Chemistry, IInd Year) won the first prize in Shot Put and Ramanuj Rai (B.Tech Electronics, Ist year) won the third prize in the 100 meter race at the Meet. At EOC-DU organized cultural festival Srijan 2014, Poonam Arya (B.A. Prog., IIIrd Year) won the third prize in Rongoli Competition and Ramanuj Rai got 1st prize in Creative Writing Competition. EOC aims to keep working for the students, bridge the gaps and provide new opportunities to help them rise as high as they can.

This year the college came out with its very first edition of the NSS magazine, Agrasar, which was edited by students, Arunima Gururani and Saif Ahmad Khan of the English and Journalism departments respectively. This magazine gives a detailed coverage of the various activities being conducted under the National Service Scheme chapter at Maharaja Agrasen College. It was launched at Antardhvani, the prestigious cultural festival of the University of Delhi.

The National Service Scheme at Maharaja Agrasen has also introduced a new society called 'The People of Letters'. This is a society for all the writers to come together to share their writing and learn from each other. It provides a platform for all students to showcase and improve their writing skills. The society hopes to flourish in the next academic year and gain excellence like all the other branches of the National Service Scheme in the college.