1. Markos – The Marketing Society

MARKOS-The marketing society of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi believes in sharing ideas and stories to bring out the hidden marketer inside everyone. The society aims to describe the omnipresence of marketing in today’s world. ‘MARKOS’, meaning hammer in Latin, is a hallmark of the robust attitude that the society possesses and continuously commits itself in its quest for marketing knowledge. The logo of Markos depicts “networking” through its stylized ‘M’ and embodies a passion to create a network of ideas to reframe today’s corporate culture. The society conducts myriads of fascinating sessions and exciting competitions related to marketing and brand consciousness. The consistent performance of the society has resulted in it being rewarded as the most active marketing society in the entire DU circuit and in the academic year 2019-20 the society was awarded “THE BEST MARKETING SOCIETY IN THE WHOLE DU CIRCUIT”

We learn and grow, together. With group discussions and engaging sessions being conducted at regular intervals, we not only learn the concepts of marketing but also study brands’ strategies and different case studies. With our growing alumni base, we stand strong.

We collaborate and organize, together. Since its inception, Markos has been actively conducting various events where prominent corporate personalities are invited to share their experiences and knowledge with our community. Moreover, we aim to provide opportunities to all college students by organizing competitions at the inter-college level.

We are building a community of highly motivated individuals who possess the potential to change the world. As we say, “Everyone’s A Marketer, We Just Give You A Push”

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2. Septune – The Music Society

Septune - The Music Society of Maharaja Agrasen College is the treasure trove of talented individuals who are gathered together to create music. The word “Septune” is formed by two words – “Sep” means seven and “tune”. Together they meaning the seven tunes of music. Currently having 20 members with the same motto in their mind-“Sing, Play, Rock! But don’t stop” We don’t just sing or play music, we create it. This society has studentsfrom various courses who are masters in their talent. The purpose of this society is not just to perform on stage but to make all those people happy who are listening to us in audience. Our team is always active in all college functions, participating in full zeal.

The love for music is what keepsus going even if we are not professionally trained. There is no specific genre which is followed, we worship all types of music equally be it classical, rock, jazz, punk, etc.Septune focuses on-

  • Practicing and perfecting the art of singing and playing instruments.
  • Understanding the science of music.
  • To help learn music who are enthusiastic about it but not trained.
  • Building confidence about handling a performance on stage.
  • Making the college experience an unforgettable memory.

Septune is honoured to have been led by some of the most talented individuals from college and blessed to have most enthusiastic learners and musicians across different courses in college. The selections for the society are based on auditions conducted at the beginning of an academic year in August which consists of 2 rounds. The selected students are briefed in an orientation class followed by regular sessions every week. The members’ learninginvolves notes and scales along with mic handling and sound management. The sessions are conducted by the senior members where they speak to students with their past experience about the aesthetics and soul as well as technicalities like voice modulation and harmony.

Our members actively participated in various competitions and events both inside and outside college.Sargam is the annual music festival organised by Septune. It includes various events like Indian classical solo, Duet singing, Bollywood light music solo, Battle of bands and many more. Students from various Delhi NCR actively participate in these competitions and bid goodbye with exciting prizes and memorable experiences.

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3. Nataraj – The Dance Society

4. Meraki – The English Theatre Society

Established in 2017, Meraki is the dedicated English Theatre Society of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi. The name itself has origins in Ancient Greek, wherein it referred to accomplishing a task, of artistic and creative value, with passion, absolute devotion with undivided attention. The task here is, of course, theatre, and this moniker perfectly mirrors the motto of the young society - "Where the Stage reflects the soul". The founding vision of Meraki is to enable realistic expression of high value dramatic content on universal themes as well as providing a platform for its members to inform and educate society through public performances of self-produced awareness pieces.

With over 15 registered and various satellite members in tow, Meraki has an average of 3 sessions a week, with more sessions accommodated as per the required output. Each session length is kept at around 2 to 2.5 hours, with the aim of accommodating individualized attention for all members by the core group. Sessions are amalgamations of a balanced framework for improving theatrical skill, with regular activities such as vocal and physical exercises contrasted with more esoteric approaches. Vocal exercises include literary and non literary convention, while physical exercise includes meditation, zumba, movement training and even trust training, to enable better coordination and teamwork on and off stage.

While still in its teething period, Meraki has already shown its value to the institution as a whole, through various performances. The society first performed at Prarambh, the opening day event for the 2017-2017 academic session, with an adapted performance of suburban classic "Waiting on Trains". This critically acclaimed piece was followed up with a self written piece entitled "The Magical Museum", authored and performed live in an open air venue on the occasion of the 2017 MAC Diwali Mela. Members are extremely dedicated to popularizing the concept and ideology behind the society, as public participation is considered key to a good theatre performance.

Meraki as a society aims to provide an arena for members to explore, as they wish through the medium of theatre, universal themes through their art form. Integral to this is the dedication of the society to concentrate on wide gamut issues instead of being bogged down in the mechanics of extremely localized politics as a source of easy material. Play and reading selection is done based on contrasting the social impact  as a whole alongside the literay value and complexity. With an all-inclusive growth policy, Meraki hopes to contribute positively to the landscape of English Theatre in the years to come.


Time is all that survives, worlds collide, love turns to hate, liveschange. Time often referred to as “samay”changes everything, that is thenever-ending truth of life. but, in this never-ending cycle stories are however, timeless. And that is what samayantar aims to make known - Stories that are timeless.

Incepted in the year 2013, Samayantar, the Stage Play Society of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi has come a long way, both in experiences and time.From just a couple of people conceptualising plays and deciding on a vision, we are now more than just a team we’re a family of 20 passionate individuals from the most diverse backgrounds ranging from BA Program to BSc. Electronics and Journalism to BBE who have come together guided by our common love for the stage and for all that lies therein

Samayantar, while being a stage play society does not limit its members to just acting. We have a highly talented team of set designers, script writers, directors and technical experts, who are well versed with all the nuances of theatre and the stage

Samayantar holds its session 5 days a week with the average duration ranging between 2 to 2 and a half hours.The sessions are an amalgamation of techniques,technical knowledge and self-development activities and always begin after a group activity of chanting “Om”, so that we are filled with positive energy and our mind is free from all other deviations. We are aimed at making all round theatre artists who are well aware of all components of the stage theatre. For instance, the technical team will know all about voice, pitch and characterisation techniques,whereas the actors will also know all about lights, set management and music

At samayantar our objective is not just to make a play but to shape confident individuals ready to face everything that life throws at them. Our plays have a plethora of themes, from bringing the boy in the striped pyjamas to stage to incarnating the haunting issue of terrorism in “EkMulakat, Khud Se”, which won the second prize in Conversance – The Cultural Fest of AIACTR and Zakir Hussain College. We have also given our ode to the bard in “Khel EkNatak Ka” which stood first in Bharati College and also vouched for communal harmony in our adaptation of Asgar Wajahat’s play “Jis Lahore nahiDekhya”.Samayantar has always tried to branch out in all the variations of the stage and for the year 2016 it was the genre of One-act play which bagged us the First position at ARSD College for the play “Mujrim”.

Samayantar is much more than just a society, we’re storytellers and dramatists and it’s definitely not just a group, it is a feeling, that will be a part of you forever.

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6. Srijan – The Art & Craft Society

"Art washes away from soul, the dust of everyday life."
-Pablo Picasso
Washing away the dust of everyday life, that's what Srijan helps its members to do. It tries to give them artistic experiences and thereby, the whole world around them. In order to understand Srijan, one must understand what art is. Art is filling the world with colours using your grey matter. Art is creating poetries that can be seen. Art is the elixir of life, that fills life in our lifeless bodies. Srijan understands the importance of art and its forms in our lives, hence, makes every little effort to make the world a bit more beautiful. One thing common between all the Srijanites is their capability of seeing something beautiful in everything, of identifying art wherever they can, which eventually is the foundation of every great artist. We strive to teach our members as many as techniques as we can, related to the field of art and craft.

We started with quilling, sketching, painting and now we have sculpting, fluid art and 3D models lined up. We go to trips, visit art galleries together, have fun together, because we believe that bonding is just as important as any other thing. Over the 5+ years of our existence, our members have won several awards and accolades is inter college competitions like Best Out Of Waste, Quilling, Poster Making Mehendi Designing, and exclusively in intra college competitions. The decoration at each and every prestigious event in Maharaja Agrasen College, be it the Freshers' Welcome - PRARAMBH or Yuvaan – The Annual Cultural Fest, all is done by Srijan. Starting from Rangoli till the idol of Saraswati maa, our members leave no page unturned in making the college even more beautiful.  All our members might not be A1 painters or A1 sketchers, but there is one such thing that all of them are the best at. Some excel at craft, some are better at painting. Some quill like a pro, some sketch like professionals. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Our motto says "Art is our Destiny". Most of the people just want to complete their journey and reach their destination.  For us, the process of strong the paint brush is just as joyful as the final painting. For us, the journey is our destination, and our destination the destiny which is nothing but art. This is Srijan - The Art and Craft Society of Maharaja Agrasen College tries to preserve.

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7. Inquizitive – The Quizzing Society

A quiz society is generally considered to be a group of intellectual nerds who flaunt theirknowledge but Inquizitive is far different.

It is a team of 20 fervour quizzers with the main aim to gain and impart knowledge. The literalmeaning of Inquisitive is 'showing an interest in learning things or curious' that the namesuggests this itself. IN-'QUIZ'-itive, QUIZ in the name itself delineates zeal and enthusiasm toattain knowledge. Not only the name but the logo delineates the hunger and keen interest togain knowledge too. Exclamation mark (!) instead of 'I' delineates zeal for quizzing, the stylized'Q' depicts target, target to be a quizzer and the gear inside 'Q' delineates that the mind gear
automatically starts working as soon as we see a question.

Sessions are conducted every week, on different - different fields like history, science, sportsetc. A real Quiz like experience is given in every session, preparing members to make it big inactual Quizzing competitions.

Although the society has weekly sessions, but a session can take place anytime on the WhatsApp group if members are available, even at 2 AM. This depicts the level of activeness andzeal amongst Inquizitive members.

Our flagship event is THE MAHARAJA QUIZ, the first edition of which was hosted by famous quizzer and Quiz Master, Sreshth Shah and saw participation of more than 100 teams from 26 different colleges.

The society not only organises its own events but seeks to capture every opportunity to learnand grow in quizzing and hence also organises quizzes for other organizations in college like forWomen Development cell or for PRARAMBH 2017.

Inquizitive also has a Facebook page on which they keep on updating the events and regularlypost a 'Do You Know' on the page. The society maintains an event calendar too which isregularly updated about quizzes to be conducted in different colleges.

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8. Qissa – The Filmmaking Society

Qissa is the filmmaking society of Maharaja Agrasen College and came into existence only recently in September 2017. Originating from Urdu, the word Qissa literally means a ‘tale’ or a ‘fable’ which reinforces our belief of a story in any film. This belief of ours can also be traced back to Alfred Hitchcock who once said, “Films only work because of three things - Script, Script and Script.” But, nevertheless, our sole aim is still to make films worth a watch. We try to blend you in with movies which can be seen in our motto - “Lights, Camera, Action and YOU.”

Currently 20 members strong, Qissa is aiming to grow the member base with every passing year. It has an average of 3 sessions of week, with each session lasting for a maximum of 2 hours, but this number might go up according to the needs and plans of the society. Having said that, the shoots require more than just this. They require long, tiring yet exciting work along with an array of opportunities to learn and create on set. More than the sessions, it is the shoots which help the members grow and prepare them to face the odds in future.

Although Qissa is the newest society in Maharaja Agrasen College, we have extended every inch of our support to all the events of the society by creating their videos as and when desired, Meraki and Inquizitive are the perfect example for this. We have always engrossed ourselves completely in covering even the most minor events of the college.

Qissa’s lack of experience might seem as a disadvantage to many but it sees this not as a threat but as an opportunity to start fresh and different than others to achieve a positive outcome and to keep learning in the process. With the aim of making Indian Cinema’s future, Qissa hopes to set the bars high up in the sky for future members and hopes to leave a strong legacy behind. 

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9. Abhinay – The Street Play Society

ABHINAY, The Street Play Society of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi was founded in 1998 by Mr. Gaurav. During its foundation years, the society was named “Anant” which is a Sanskrit word that means infinite or endless. The name “Anant” was used as it was believed that it will continue forever. But in 2010, it was renamed to “Abhinay”.

Abhinay is a Hindi word which means acting. The society goes by the tagline“we don’t take actors, we make actors” and conducts regular sessions and workshops where people who are selected and interested in street play join the society and are taught the basics of acting and street play. The sessions are conducted on daily basis from 2:00-5:00pm. The session procedure isn’t a rigid one but follows a certain objective, which should be accomplished. The society members do exercises, play fun games, make scenes and learn the basics of acting. The sessions are prepared keeping the basic idea of acting and street play in compliment with each other. The students are instilled with the concept, idea and objectives of this form of theatre. Abhinay not only trains them to become good actors and performers but also better citizens of the country.

After a hectic procedure for two phase auditions,the society currently has 55 members from all years.

Being a street play society, Abhinay focuses on working and catering the major social issues in the country by producing a self-written and self-directed street play. The street playmaking is the most learning process. The members are taught about producing original soundtrack, writing dialogues, framing lyrics and poems etc.In 19 years of the team’s history, Abhinay has produced street plays on social issues like sexuality, sexual taboos in the society, religion etc. Some recent yearly productions include Dharam (2014-15), Kashmir (2015-16) and Rashtrawaad (2016-17). Rashtrawaad did 52 performances including college and prelim performanceslast year and managed to win in astounding 24 of them. The play was also featured in The Hindustan Times newspaper and did many public performances to aware the public about state of nationalism in India, one being the most memorable at JANTAR MANTAR.

The society not only helps a person to learn acting but also helps in building a good personality, developing leadership skills and teamwork. It promotes team, college and individual growth. Abhinay is one of the very few consistent societies in the DU theatre circuit. The alumni of Abhinay have also been doing prosperous in future and have been acting and directing some worthy films and shows.

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10. Chakraview – The Debating Society