The Department of Economics has always been a front-runner in Academic exercises. This Department has been instrumental in organizing the annual conferences on “Biodiversity and Climate Change” for the last six years. Carrying forward its old tradition of participating in various activities at college level, the Department played an instrumental role in organizing elections for B.A. (Programme) Students Society. The Department was also instrumental in organizing the festival of B.A. (Programme) titled “Aagaaz” which was well attended not only by the students of our college but also of other colleges of Delhi University. Through these events we have tried to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for the students so that not only academically but socially also they are able to grow.

Faculty members of the department have been involved in various research and academic activities. Two of the department faculty members, Dr Soumya Shukla and Dr S.N Rao have been awarded Ph.D this year. In this academic year, Dr Soumya Shukla co-edited two books, first, “Spiritual Ecology and Sustainability: Practice and Confluence” and second, “Academic and Activist Perspective on Bio-diversity”. She also attended a weeklong faculty development program on “R programming”. Mr Rakesh Kumar got two research papers published in a reputed journal and attended a two days’ workshop on “Analytics with R Environment”.

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Ms. Saumya Shukla (Teacher-in-charge)
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Mr. Rakesh kumar
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Mr. Sadamalla Nageswara Rao
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Mr. Vickey Mehriya

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