All students, faculty and staff of the college are hereby informed that the Governing Body in its meeting held on October 3, 2015 resolved to institute a Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the college. Accordingly, it is notified for information of all concerned that any Grievance by student, faculty or staff of this college can be lodged as per the following procedure:-

Step-1 Any Grievance can be lodged with the concerned Department through email (as per the list) (From Sr. No 1 to Sr No 14).

Step-2 The Grievance so received will be considered by the said Departmental Level Grievance Redressal Committee on due merits. The said Committee will have 15 days to resolve the matter and take appropriate steps.

Step -3 If the said Grievance is unresolved then the matter will be escalated to the College level Grievance Redressal Committee who will address the matter (Sr No 15).

Step -4 If the college level Grievance Redressal Committee is not in a position to resolve within 15 days from the date of escalation of the Grievance complaint the same will be escalated to the Principal of this college (Sr No 16).

Step-5 The Principals office would again have 15 days to resolve the matter. If any Grievance is not in preview of the Principal or for appropriate resolution intervention of Governing Body is required then the same shall be referred to the Governing Body Grievance Redressal Committee Level (Sr No 17) .

At any stage if a particular committee is of the unanimous view that the matter does not pertain to them and is required to be escalated they may do so immediately. The identity of the person who is filing the Grievance shall remain undisclosed and confidential.

Grievance Redressal Cell

S No.Department NameEmail ID
1.Department of
2.Department of
3.Department of Political
4.Department of
5.Department of
6.Department of
7.Department of Business
8.Department of
9.Department of
10.Department of
11.Department of Computer
12.Department of Physical
13.Department of Biology
14.Department of Chemistry
15. College Level Committee
16.Principal's Office
17. Governing Body LevelCommittee