Centre for Performing Arts and Cultural Studies

The Centre for Performing Arts and Cultural Studies (CPACS) run by the Department of English, Maharaja Agrasen College seeks to promote performing arts and performance and cultural studies through its focus on image, direction, film, censorship, script, multimedia, narrative, play, intelligence, creativity and other related areas. The Centre organized a two months long activity of scripting, shooting, editing and distribution of a short anti-ragging feature film titled Shabad Sambhale Boliye to create awareness against verbal abuse and micro-aggression on the campuses of higher education in India. This year, Bharatmuni’s Natyashashtra was the focal point as students and faculty engaged with it proactively. The Centre has also established a cell called LETTER (Learn through Theatre) which held 32 sessions with 40 students of first year on personality development through theatre exercises leading to their review of physical and cognitive development. CPACS also organizes several visits to performing spaces for students amongst which a visit to a performance directed by Deepan Sivaraman, a world-renowned scenographer in the academic session 2017-18 was much appreciated.