The Maharaja Agrasen College follows a policy of promoting sustainable development and environmentally consciousness. In order to achieve this, the college has undertaken various green initiatives and waste segregation is one of them. The Waste Management Committee has been working for proper segregation of waste in college campus. The Committee works in collaboration with various agencies for recycling of waste:
1. Indian Pollution Control Association IPCA
2. Jaagruti Waste Paper Recycling Services

The college is proud to announce that our campus was declared a 'Zero Waste Campus' recently by MCD South zone (Shahdara). Student volunteers are the backbone of this committee and they are inducted under various waste management teams as per their interests. The Committee has the objective of sustainable living and development not only by creating awareness among the teaching, non-teaching staff and students but also by motivating them to sustain this campus as Zero Waste Campus.

The work of the committee is divided into four Waste Management Teams:
1. Wet Waste Management Team manages its own composting site in college. Six compost bins with a capacity of 400 litres were installed in college campus with collaboration of IPCA. The gardeners, students volunteers, teaching and non-teaching staff were provided training under a workshop organised for segregation of waste. Two cycles of wet waste decomposition (manure) have been harvested from bins weighing a total of 70 kgs. Student volunteers have also motivated other students and staff to bring their kitchen waste as contribution towards the wet waste compost bins. Student volunteers have been able to generate awareness not only in campus but also in neighbouring areas like juice corner and nearby Ganpati temple.
2. Paper Waste Management Team collected waste paper in the first round from various departments, laboratories, offices, photocopy shop and girls hostel with the help of student volunteers. Under the agreement with Jaagruti Waste Paper Recycling Services, the team was able to send a total of 1350 kgs of paper waste for recycling. In return, the committee received recycled paper rims which were distributed across departments, laboratories and offices. Paper waste bins were installed at various places in college and Student volunteers have created awareness amongst others to segregate waste and use demarcated bins for paper only.
3. Plastic Waste Management Team started with the segregation of single use and reusable plastic from other waste in college. Special training was provided to housekeeping staff to segregate plastic at the source itself. Special bins made out of recycled plastic have been installed in college for daily collection of all plastic waste. Along with the collaboration of IPCA around 151 kgs of plastic waste has been sent from recycling from college. Students volunteers are sensitising other students and staff to reduce the use of single use plastic. The college has also banned the use of certain plastic products which are harmful to the environment.
4. Electronic Waste Management Team has been working towards motivating others to use only the e-bins installed in campus for discarding their e-waste. List of items to be thrown in e-waste are also put up on the e-waste bins to help everyone.

Other activities in which the committee is engaged in includes horticulture pits made in campus, separate bins for hazardous waste, separate bins for glass waste and work towards maintaining a healthy herbal garden and organic vegetable garden in college campus. The committee is also planning a visit to plastic recycling factory with student volunteers.