The department of Economics grounds its students through the determining principles of economics in theoretical and application forms. This course is designed to expose the students to basic principles of economics. Starting from developing thinking like an economist, the course illustrates how economic concepts can be applied to analyze real life situations. The course also looks at consumer behavior, production theory and market dynamics amongst other aspects of the subject.

The department has an Economics Society called SAGE : students for economic growth in economics. SAGE holds various curricular and cocurricular activities like debates, group discussions, quiz, seminars, workshops, Eco-festetc for the students to keep them abreast with topics and matters of academic interest and current affairs


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Ms. Saumya Shukla (Teacher-in-charge)
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Mr. Rakesh kumar
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Mr. Piyush Bhadani
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Mr. Sadamalla Nageswara Rao
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