Sunil Sondhi is a scholar in the field of international relations and organization. After completing doctoral research from the University of Delhi he did post-doctoral research at the George Washington University and the University of Toronto. During his research and teaching career spanning over three decades, he has received many international research awards, which include: J. William Fulbright Fellowship; Gerald R. Ford Fellowship; Rockefeller Research Grant; Salzburg Program Fellowship; Canada Asia Pacific Award; and Shastri Applied Research Project Award.

Sunil Sondhi has published widely in scholarly journals on international relations and organization. He has over one hundred research papers to his credit. He has presented several research papers at international conferences held in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Morocco, and New Zealand. He has published seven books of which the most recent is on "International Relations: Search for Security and Development". This book focuses on the evolution of global civil society and its implication for theory and practice of international relations.

Sunil Sondhi is a mountaineer and has trekked and climbed extensively in the Himalayas. His travels in the mountains have taken him to distant places and communities nestled in nature far away from modern civilization. These experiences have further strengthened his belief in placing human values uppermost and upholding them in personal and social life every day.

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