Project Code Project Title
MAC 201 Impact of Dilli haat as a socio-cultural (folk) and commercial oasis on the urban youth: exchanges and negotiations
MAC 202 Developing a connect between spiritual ecology and sustainability in the university curriculum through empirical study
MAC 203 Identification of Pandava trail in karsog valley of Himachal Pradesh and influence of pandavas/Mahabharata heroes in local culture and folk songs
MAC 204 Fan without electricity
MAC 205 Fostering diffusion of educational technologies in undergraduate learning for the students, by the students
MAC 206 Characterization of corrosion resistance properties of hydroxyl based compounds in mine water environment from Indian mines coal and empirical calculations of thermodynamic parameters
MAC 207 Environmental impact assessment of Gazipur land fill area
MAC 210 Development of university applications (duapps) for mobile platforms