Since its inception in 2011, the MAC Girls hostel has worked towards the goal of providing its boarders with an academic, activity-filled and a secure atmosphere. The hostel presently is an abode to fifty outstation students.Working with a commitment to provide holistic development to the boarders of the Girls' hostel, the hostel committee ensures a fair balance between work and play. Several sporting activities like badminton, carom, cycling etc. are organized from time-to-time which lead to a healthy mind and body. In order to strengthen the security arrangements of the hostel, a smart card reader was installed at the entry gate of the hostel this year.

During the year 2013-14, the hostellers, under the guidance of the hostel committee members, have also taken the initiative in pursuing solutions and measures for environmental sustenance. Leading the charge of cam pus sustainability initiatives, the committee members, along with the MAC-'Zero Impact on Environment students' club, started this mission by first creating awareness about the actions of the learning community at MAC which leads to enhanced carbon footprint causing damage co the environment. Further, they began a drive by putting in place innovative off-setting measures through judicious and efficient use of material and energy resources. One significant step in this direction is the installation of solar water heaters on the rooftop of the hostel replacing the electric geysers provided earlier Installation of solar heaters has not only resulted in the saving of electricity, but shall also go a long way in realizing the college's environmental sustainability commitment.

Another step towards transformi ng the Girls' Hostel into green hostel has been achieved through the introduction of numerous positive changes such as reducing and segregating waste. To accomplish this endeavour, the committee has installed waste segregation stations so as to segregate the quantum of biodegradable waste, non- biodegradable waste and e-waste generated by the hostel.

Also the newspapers and the PET bottles of the hostel are sorted, collected and deposited from where they are either recycled or disposed off without impacting the environment.

The hostellers use green transportation vehicles such as bicycles for commuting to places close to the college. It helps reduce environmental impacts such as air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The hostel is a zero polythene zone and hostellers use jute and cloth bags only to save our environment from further degradation.

In the academic session 2013-14, the Principal Dr. Sunil Sondhi inaugurated the Wall Magazine - 'MAC ACE-created and designed by the hostellers, thus adding to another achievement of the girls. The Hostel is the heart of the various cultural activities which takes place around the year, amongst which Holi, Lohri, Eid and Diwali celebration are the prime ones. Competitions like Rangoli, Card and Diya-making are organized by the hostel committee during these festivals. For the better functioning of the Hostel, weekly meetings are organized where common problems and grievances are discussed and sorted out.

MAC Girls Hostel provides the girls with a style of living which makes them disciplined and dynamic and helps them excel in academic as well as extracurricular activities.