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The salient feature of the internal assessment scheme is as follows :

25% of the maximum marks in each paper (excluding subsidiary and qualifying papers) is assigned for the internal assessment and the remaining 75% marks for the semester University examination.

The internal assessment in each paper comprises three components :

(i) House Examination Weightage 10%
(ii) Written assignment/tutorials &/or project reports/term papers/seminars Weightage 10%
(iii) Attendance in lectures and tutorials Weightage 5%


House examinations are held in every semester. It is compulsory for all students to appear and qualify in these examinations. The duration and the maximum marks of each paper in the house examination shall be the same as in the University Examination.


Each student is required to submit at least one assignment per paper in each semester subject


The credit for regularity in each paper, based on attendance in lectures and tutorials, shall be as follows :

More than 67% but less than 70% - 1 mark
70% or more but less than 75% - 2 marks
75% or more but less than 80% - 3 marks
80% or more but less than 85% - 4 marks
85% and above - 5 marks

Internal Assessment marks are shown separately in the mark-sheet issued by the University and these marks are added to the annual/semester examinations marks for determining the division of the student.


According to Ordinance VII of the University Calendar, in each academic year every student is required to attend (at least) 2/3rd of the total number of lectures and tutorials/preceptorials/practicals held separately in all the subjects taken together. No concession in attendance is given to a student joining a course late or transferred to another course. The college curriculum provides adequate space for lectures, tutorials / preceptorials and contact hours. For the Honours courses, tutorials are held once a week for each paper; for B.A. Program Course and General Courses, preceptorials are held fortnightly for each paper.

For these, each class is divided into smaller groups to facilitate discussions, personal attention and removal of individuals problems of students. Contact hours are assigned to each teacher for personal interaction with the students.