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It gave me immense pleasure as the silver jubilee of the college was celebrated and concluded on 6th September 2019. I had the privilege to be part of celebrations as a faculty member then, and since 1st October 2019, I have given the responsibility to discharge the duty of Principal and entrusted to carry on the show. The motto of this College is- कर्म मानव: प्रतिपद्यते (Karm Manavh Pratipadyate) which means, ‘Deeds decide man’s destinies’. My head bows in reverence to the founders of this esteemed Institution who expressed their vision in these three words.

As the Principal, I ponder, how much this College has lived to their expectations. Honestly speaking, it has been gratifying. The glimpses of college’s journey over these two and half decades make me grateful to all past and present teaching and non-teaching staff members as well as all who were in any manner associated in the journey of the College for their contributions which drove the college to this height. Starting from a small space with just B.A. (Pass) and B. Com. (Honours) courses, the College now spreads over 10 acres, 50-50 cover and green offering a spectrum of courses in Humanities, Science, Commerce and professional courses like Journalism, Business Economics et al. This horizontal expansion came with unprecedented vertical growth- for this, let facts and figures speak.

Our College was ranked 32nd in the college category for the year 2018 by the National Institutional Ranking framework (nirf) from the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources. We were ranked 39th in Humanities while among the emerging colleges our positions were 1st in Science and 2nd in Commerce in the India-Today-AC Nielson surveys. These are extremely gratifying for the entire MAC family and I wish to keep the spirits ever buoyant.

It has been possible because we always believed a College was no mere brick and mortar construction for teachers and students to meet but a breathing organism to be tended by right mix of physical resources like infrastructure & funds with holistic approach throughout. The teaching atmosphere be conducive, interpersonal relationship be harmonious, level of discipline be uncompromising, sense of owing to society must not be lost sight of.

It is truly overwhelming to see, in country’s capital where colleges in existence since the Victorian days are dreams and destinations of students, our College has defied the notion that a period of 25 years was too small for a new Institution to assert its own niche. On having reached this milestone, let us pause for assessing ourselves and continue the pace. With our joint endeavours, we pledge ourselves towards fulfillment of individual and society’s ambitions, expectations and achievements.

With best wishes,
Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari