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Academic Session 2022-23

The Department of Economics has always been a front-runner in Academic exercises. This Department has been instrumental in organizing the annual conferences on “Biodiversity and Climate Change” for the last six years. Carrying forward its old tradition of participating in various activities at college level, the Department played an instrumental role in organizing elections for B.A. (Programme) Students Society. The Department was also instrumental in organizing the festival of B.A. (Programme) titled “Aagaaz” which was well attended not only by the students of our college but also of other colleges of Delhi University. Through these events we have tried to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for the students so that not only academically but socially also they are able to grow.

Courses to augment the undergraduate course curriculum
Skill Development Programs to meet challenges after graduating from college
Courses to enhance the soft skills of the students

Salient features of the program are -

Classes for these courses shall be conducted in the college premises in the afternoon, or during the weekend
Certificate shall be awarded to all the students who successfully complete the course
Online course modules to support Flexible Learning
Both college faculty members and experts from industry / institutes shall be engaged in the program
'Not-for-Profit' model

Abdul Kalam Centre announces start of new batches of following Short-term Courses. Limited seats are available in each course. Classes shall be held either on weekends or in afternoon session on weekdays in the college. For further information, contact the Course Coordinator of the respective course.

Following courses are launched in the college for the current academic year:

Title Data Analysis for Business Decision Making
Brief Description Course Objectives: Classify & Tabulate Raw Data, Graphically represent the Data, Analyze the Graphs, Estimate and Test the Hypothesis, Derive Statistical Inference
Course Content: Descriptive Statistics­, Probability and Probability Distribution, Inferential Statistics, ANOVA, Regression Analysis
Course Coordinator Dr Arun Julka, Dr Soma Garg
Email ajulka@mac.du.ac.in, sgarg@mac.du.ac.in
Duration 30 Hours (12 weeks)
Fee 2,000/-

Title Legal Awareness
Brief Description Course Details: The course is organized in collaboration with Delhi State Legal Services Authority. The course shall cover legal topics of paramount importance including-
Right to Information Act, Consumer Protection Act, Overview of Criminal Justice System, Gender Discrimination and Violence, Domestic Violence Act, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, POSCO Act, Victim Compensation & NALSA Schemes
The resource persons shall be Judicial Officers, Legal Aid Counsels and Experts in their respective fields
Course Coordinator Dr Puneeta Agarwal
Email agarwal.puneeta@gmail.com
Duration 15 Hours (3 weeks)
Fee 300/-

Title Enhancing Soft Skills for Employability
Brief Description Course Details:This short-term course will enhance students’ soft skills to make them desirable team players and leaders in any organization. This course will comprise of modules on emotional intelligence and personality development. The methodology used will be analysis of case studies and active interaction in class simulating real time team work and leadership.
Course Coordinator Prof. Gitanjali Chawla
Email gchawla@mac.du.ac.in
Duration 30 Hours (5 weeks)
Fee 1,000/-

Title English Language Course for Professional Success
Brief Description Course Details:Enable students to understand the basics of professional etiquettes, Facilitate students in dealing with the various demands & communicative requirements expected in various professional sectors, Managing conflict within professional set-ups, Focus on the integrated-elements of Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary, Focus on aspects like crisis-management, conversation management during interviews, calls and managing speaking & listening cues during real situations
Course Coordinator Ms Indrani, Dr Guntasha
Email gupta.id11@gmail.com, guntashatulsi86@gmail.com
Duration 30 Hours (5 weeks)
Fee 2,000/-

Contact respective Course Coordinator(s) for further details of the course.

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Short-term Courses in Previous Academic Sessions

Course 107
Title Legal Awareness
Brief Description Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA), East District, announces a short-term course on ‘Legal Awareness’. The course shall cover various legal topics of paramount importance to students. Some of the important topics that shall be covered are Rights of Accused vis-a-vis Bail and Arrest, Gender Discrimination and Violence, Domestic Violence Act, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, POSCO Act, Senior Citizens Act, Victim Compensation, NALSA Schemes, etc.
Course Coordinator Dr Maneesha
Duration 15 Hours (3 weeks)
Fee 300/-

Course 106
Title English Language Course for Professional Success (Level 1-Basic)
Brief Description The objectives of the course are - (a) Honing English Communication primarily, Speaking and Listening Skills (Basic),
(b) To develop skills for increased communication efficiency within a business environment,
(c) Effective handling of social skills in a professional set up, and,
(d) To provide learners a competitive edge when they enter the job market
Course Coordinator Dr Prem Kumari Srivastava
Duration 30 Hours (5 weeks)
Fee 1,500/-

Course 105
Title Mobile App Designing: Level 1
Brief Description The course will introduce basic concepts and fundamentals of Mobile Apps. At the end of the course, participants shall be able to design Mobile Apps independently. Students from all streams (Arts, Commerce, Science) can apply
Course Coordinator Mr Sachin Kumar, Dr P K Pandey, Dr Maneesha
Duration 320 Hours (5 weeks)
Fee 1,500/-

Course 104
Title Sugam Sangeet
Brief Description The course shall cover basic principles of music, biographies and applied theory. The emphasis shall be on practical.
Course Coordinator Dr Chhavi Bhatnagar, Ms Debosmita Paul
Duration 48 Hours (10 weeks)
Fee 3,500/-

Course 103
Title Data Analysis for Business Decision Making
Brief Description The course would enable a student to organise, visualise, evaluate and interpret data using spreadsheet. A student would be able to solve complex problems and can arrive at meaningful conclusions with given information
Course Coordinator Dr Arun Julka, Dr Soma Garg
Duration 20 Hours (10 weeks)
Fee 2,000/-

Course 102
Title Yoga: A New Dimension
Brief Description The course shall cover (a) origin and philosophy of Yoga
(b) scientific aspect of yogic skills
(c) correlate the yoga as a fitness regime in modern life (d) develop the ability to measure and evaluate the yogic performance.
Course Coordinator Dr Mukesh Agarwal
Duration 50 Hours (8 weeks)
Fee 1,250/- + 250/-

Course 101
Title The course effectively covers basic data analytics, statistical predictive modeling and machine learning through various practical examples and projects.
Brief Description Introduction to Data Science for Business using R Programming Language
Course Coordinator Dr A J Meitei
Duration 40 Hours (10 weeks)
Fee 4,000/-