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Vidyottama Girls’ Hostel

In any institution, a residential accommodation for students, especially girls, is always an asset. ‘Vidyottama’ the Girls’ Hostel of Maharaja Agrasen College can accommodate around fifty eight (58) students on its three floors and has separate areas for dining and common room on the ground floor. Besides, a pantry has been provided on each floor. The hostel is fitted with several amenities like television, washing machine, water heaters, ironing facilities, electric stove etc. The hostel is Wi-Fi enabled and computers are available for the use of the residents.

Admissions to the hostel take place strictly on the basis of merit. Interested outstation girl students should keep visiting college website www.mac.du.ac.in for information regarding admission to the hostel and other queries.

S.No. Title Link
1 Admission Notice 5-12-23
2 Admission Notice 12 Oct 2023
3 Admission Notice
4 Declaration of Admission List : 11-Oct-2023
5 Admission Notice Spot 3
6 Waitlisted Candidates
7 Admission Notice Spot 2
8 Shortlist Candidate List Spot Rround1
9 Admission List Spot Rround1
10 Registration Spot 1 for Admission in Vidyottama Girls' Hostel 2023
11 Notice for Waiting List Hostel Admission Round 2
12 Notice for Hostel Admission Round 2 Waiting list2
13 Notice for Waiting List 2 Hostel Admission Round 2
14 Notice For Student Regarding Submission Of Hostel Fee Round 2
15 Notice for Waiting List Hostel Admission Round 2
16 Wishlist Hostel Admission Round 2
17 Admission List of Round 2
18 List of Round 2 Admission Notice in Vidyottama Girls’ Hostel 2023
19 Registration Round 2 for Admission in Vidyottama Girls’ Hostel 2023
20 Notification for Hostel Admission List & Fee Detail
21 Hostel Admission First List
22 Hostel Admission Form 2023-24
23 Hostel Admission Notice 2023-24
24 Schedule for Hostel Admission 2023-24
25 Hostel Information Bulletin 2023-24
26 Hostel Fee 2023-24